Junior Director – Important notice

Junior Director Nigel said:

“Due to information brought to my attention this week, the Home Internationals will now be U16 and U21 sections therefore we have decided to take away our U19 tournaments and add on more U21 tournaments meaning instead of having two ranking lists for 19 and 21. We have now one ranking list with more tournaments 6 in total . We have done the same to the U16 section taking away the U14 section and adding on 2 more to the U16 section meaning one ranking list with 6 tournaments .

Please note the end of season Northern Ireland championship for u14 and u19 will still be held as normal.

Any player looking to enter end of season championships must enter at least 3 tournaments in the 2014-15 calendar at any age group”.

(for example 2 u16 and 1 u21 that would count as 3).