A Sports Betting Glossary for Snooker and Pool

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If you’re a sports fan, then you might dabble in sports betting and bookmakers. Gambling sites and landbased establishments have sets of very particular terminology that are used by punters to place their bets. These terms vary depending on the game and in this glossary we’ll help you to understand better the ones used for snooker and pool.

Basic Terms You Need to Know

In-running – A match that is in the process of being played.

Century break – it’s an achievement in snooker earned when a player scores over 100 points in the span of one inning without any mistakes. It’s a mark of skill, and some professional players have scored over 100 breaks in their careers. The number of centuries snooker competitors make during a match and have in total helps determine their odds on the betting markets.

Odds – they tell you how much the payout for a winning bet is and provide predictions of a competitor’s chances to win. The odds depend on the bookmaker, the player’s overall statistics, whether he is a favorite or not, how the game progresses etc.

Fractional odds – the most common type which is popular in the UK and Ireland. The odds are in fraction form with the 2nd number being the denominator (the amount you stake) and the 1st being the nominator (the potential profit). The total of the turnout + stake equals the return.

Decimal odds – mostly used in Europe outside the UK, they’re designed to tell bettors how much they’ll win if their wager is successful. Bookmakers measure them in the decimal value of a bet’s fractional odds plus 1.

Types of Sports Betting in Snooker and Pool

Single bets – done for individual matches or events. The odds for this type of bet depend on a lot of factors such as the players’ track records, the number of centuries they have, their mental conditioning for the match and others.

Double and treble bets – when you make a wager on two separate events it’s called a ‘double’, and when you do it on three a ‘treble’ bet. These are high-risk stakes because you have to get all of them right to collect your payout.

Accumulator bets – to call them such, you have to bet on at least two events. Therefore it should be mentioned that double and treble wagers are considered to be accumulators. There are also four-fold, five-fold accumulators and so on. The chances of predicting all bets become lower with each one added.

Live betting – done online during a live broadcast. While the match is in progress, punters can bet on who will win the game or the following frame and can even guess on who pots the first ball. The odds during live-play are always changing, and experienced bettors use this to their advantage.

An Overview of Snooker and Pool Betting Markets

The Different Kinds of Snooker Markets

Frame Markets – ideal for live betting, you wager on the results players achieve during the frames. You can bet on a competitor winning the first frame or three in a row, achieving a century etc.

Handicap Markets – bookmakers tend to use different handicap lines for players that differ in skill to even their odds. A positive or negative number of frames is added or removed from the total score of each competitor, and and their sum with the added handicap decides the winner. The types of handicap are European and Asian. Some of the critical differences between the two are that the Asian handicaps have higher odds and a more substantial margin while the European use a more simplistic system.

Outright Market – where you can place bets on the longterm results of tournaments and events by predicting who will grab first place.

Each-Way – a betting option you have in the outright winner market. You win if your favorite finishes in 1st or is the runner-up.

Maximum Break Market – although it’s a rare possibility, a punter can bet on whether a player will score the maximum 147 points in a single turn.

Match Markets – it offers wagers that you can place before and during a match. A few examples for match markets include betting on the match’s winner, the number of centuries achieved during a game and when a deciding frame resolves the game.

The Most Common Pool markets

Knockouts – a very profitable market in pool betting. You can wager on the favorites dropping out of the competition early on.

Totals – it involves guessing the total number of games the player or team will win. You can also bet on the number of potted balls in one or more matches.

Golden break – it can only be found in 9 ball pool betting. You win your stake if the player manages to pot the number 9 ball during the break.